A licensed, evidence-based psychologist in Austin, Texas who specializes in family therapy, ADHD throughout the lifespan, diagnostic evaluations, cognitive behavioral (CBT) and solution-focused brief therapy.

I integrate the best available behavioral science research with my clinical expertise while respecting the unique characteristics, culture, values, and preferences of my patients. I offer a range of professional psychological services to meet the needs of individuals, children and families. These include family therapy, diagnostic evaluations (including ADHD assessments), cognitive behavioral (CBT) and solution-focused brief therapy. My patients are encouraged to attempt new behaviors that work in complement.

with their existing wisdom and strengths. Each of us face unique challenges with our families and personal relationships, our school and work that will benefit from cultivating acceptance, optimism, mindfulness and gratitude. For those challenged with anxiety, depression and mood disorders such as bipolar there are specific practices and strategies that have been shown to help you restore and sustain an effective satisfying life.

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Some babies cry, scream and kick in response to unfamiliar situations while others remain calm.

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